Arthur Cleveland Bent was a successful businessman who became interested in birds during his childhood in Massachusetts. A dedicated amateur ornithologist, he traveled extensively throughout North America and acquired a thorough knowledge of the avifauna. In 1901 he began submitting papers to The Auk, the journal of the American Ornithologists’ Union, making important contributions on distributions and nesting habits.


Arthur Cleveland Bent (1866-1954) was born in Taunton, Massachusetts, and
lived there all of his life. He attended Harvard College and, while involved with
natural history and birds from an early age, spent a first career working in the cotton
mill business and in public utilities. Later in life he became more active in

Reference: An Educational Tribute to a Local Son

Who was Arthur Cleveland Bent?
Article from the Taunton Daily Gazette

Kristina Fontes

The Taunton Daily Gazette

Given his contributions to science, the name of Arthur Cleveland Bent should be as recognized as that of John James Audubon, but Bent’s life outside of ornithology was also a busy, well-rounded one.
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Resting Place

Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Taunton, MA 41.89415°N 71.10091°W

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